About us

Starting with a humble beginning Chemtel is serving Indian and International Chemical companies by sourcing quality materials and process machinery to and from India.  Over the years we have helped Indian and International producers to optimize their skills and capabilities for producing high quality products with the help of our our business expertise and maximized their business.  Since 1995, Chemtel has come a long way to address requirement of chemical industry and demands.  Over the years, Chemtel has built relationships and helped companies to increase their share in the local and International markets by providing them not only the world class materials to manufacture their end products, but giving them valuable advices time and again on technical areas as well commercial competence required for International business by offering them alert information and products and services.  We are proud to be associated with Indian and International entrepreneurs by contributing our efforts to let them have better profits.  We are quite confident that we have “Full Circle”, info on various industries and are looking forward to grow in the future.  Since 2003 we have been working in the Machinery for Chemical industry also with help from our principle engineers who have a collective experience of over 3000 hours engaging larger canvas in this industry, based out of USA and Europe. Over the time, Chemtel have established its presence in – Huston, USA, Hanoi, Vietnam along with associates in Malaysia and UAE including three offices in Indian cities viz. – New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.  We offer and source various industrial products related to industries including Oil and Lubricants from such locations.
We are demanding of ourselves and seek excellence in thought and execution. With the help of our well reputed International partners, we attract and retain extraordinary array of contributions in chemical, lubricant and allied industry that allows us to deliver outstanding economic value to our clients and acclimates for Chemtel.